Career Coaching

Support in the Integration Process. Discover the possibilities available to you on the German Job Market. Optimise your Job Application and Self Presentation.

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Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Are you a new comer to Germany? Are you having difficulties integrating in the German Job Market? Do you want to discover your strengths and true potential? If your answer is “Yes”, we have the right Coaches for you to assist you professionally on reaching your personal and career goals.

Optimise Your Job Application and Self Presentation - Career Coaching

Change Career paths

Are your qualifications recognised in Germany? What possibilities are available to you in Germany with your current credentials? Are you searching for a new career opportunity? Together with the Coaches, you will discover the professions that suit you best personally and meanwhile give you a good future prospect.

Work on your personal development

Do you feel a lack of confidence? Do you need to work on your decision making or communication skills? How do you find yourself handling conflict situations? Our Coaches have the professional knowledge and experience in both Communication Psychology Models and Systemic Approaches to support your development and to refine your skills.

Optimise Your Job Application and Self Presentation

Whether it is your

  • Job Application
  • Interview Skills, or
  • Online Professional Networking Profile

Our Coaches work closely with you to maximise your chances to land the right job for you.

If the answer to any or all of the above is yes, or if you have any other pressing need, we look forward to working with you together.

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Wir nehmen uns Zeit für unsere Kunden – und für Interessenten. Coaching ist auch eine Frage von Vertrauen. Wir lernen uns kennen, klären Erwartungen und Ziele, vereinbaren Inhalte und Vorgehen sowie den zeitlichen Rahmen.

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