Humanistic Systemic Coaching

Career Coachiing Humanistic Systemic Coaching

Humanistic Approach

This approach is based on building a positive view on human beings. Every individual has the need and desire to learn, to realise his/her true self and has the desire to create a meaningful life. This approach teaches that everyone has within him/her the ability to solve his/her problem. This means that the Coach accepts a Client for who they are, values his/her individuality and is an equal at eye level.


The Systemic Approach

The systemic approach takes not only the individual but also the environment he or she is in into consideration. First, the approach considers any human being as a social system within a society that is constantly confronted by the society’s cultural patterns, structures and rules. In addition, this approach considers any human being as a psychological system in which he or she develops his or her own way of thinking and behavioural patterns as the integration process into the social structure takes place

The Meaning for Coaching

During the Coaching process, the coaches work with the Client’s family background, important life events and achievement milestones as well as individual wishes and his/her life possibilities. In addition, the coaches takes societal factors such as the development and status quo of a profession into consideration.

Our coaches view the Client as the expert for his/her own life, whereasthe Coaches are the experts on the process and the methods to use according to the Client’s values, personal concerns, and context of life.

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